• How much residual risk is “out there” and how long will it be an issue for the industry.
• Macro drivers of credit issues: What economic and geopolitical issues should credit risk managers be watching that could impact credit in the coming months?
• New forms of collateral: Surety bonds are gaining ground as instruments of collateral, over more traditional instruments. 

Moderator: Mike Prokop
, Managing Director, The Alliance Risk Group


Pat McKinnon, First VP – Energy Markets and Digital Distribution, First VP – Energy Markets and Digital Distribution, Navitas Assurance Partners and CCRO Group Leader


Sayari Riabi Lamia, Head of Documentary Operations, Guarantees
and Counter-Guarantees, Attijaribank, Tunise


 Joe Graham, Structured Origination, Six One Commodities


William H. “Bull” Flaherty II
, Managing Director, Bridgelink Commodities, LLC

September 1, 2022
14:45 — 15:30 (45′)

Thursday 27th October