Help Us to Help Others

  • We want your help to raise awareness about the Carl McCain Memorial Foundation and to refer aid cases for review.
  • The Foundation does not want to miss an opportunity to provide financial assistance for qualified individuals.
  • The Foundation relies heavily on “word of mouth,” so spread the word to those around you, including individuals at other companies in our industry.
  • You can help us by telling your colleagues in the office, field, and operations about the Foundation.


  • Formed in 1979 in honor of Carl McCain, a retired lease crude oil buyer who gave up his own cancer treatment to channel resources to care for his medically challenged granddaughter.
  • On learning of Carl’s sacrifice, industry friends started a foundation to support his granddaughter and individuals in the industry facing similar challenges.

Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to make financial grants to, or on behalf of, individuals and families who have worked in the domestic energy industry and who are financially burdened by medical expenses.
  • In order to qualify for financial assistance, applicants must meet employment and financial criteria as established by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Financial grants pay for a broad range of health-related expenses that would otherwise be beyond the financial capability of the applicant.
  • Assistance from the Foundation helps mitigate applicants’ stress and allow them to focus their energy on handling the difficult medical challenges they are facing.

Qualified Candidates

  • U.S. individuals and their immediate families whose livelihood is, or has been, derived from the domestic oil and/or natural gas industries, or ancillary businesses related to the industry.
  • Focused on helping individuals or families whose financial wellbeing is threatened or who cannot afford adequate care due to medical issues.

Organization Structure

  • The Carl McCain Foundation is a tax exempt, publicly supported organization in accordance with the IRS code 501(c)(3).
  • The board of trustees consists of 25 prominent members of the U.S. energy industry.
  • 100% of the time is volunteered.
  • Less than 1% of the money is used for administrative purposes

Aid Application and Approval Process

The process begins by submitting an application to the aid sub-committee for initial screening
and review.

If qualified, a trustee reviews the application and prepares a request for approval by the Board of Trustees.

On approval, the presenting Trustee works with the Treasurer to administer distribution
of funds.

The foundation works with providers to negotiate down, if possible, and pay approved expenses.


The Foundation protects the privacy of applicants’ information.


The Foundation strives to provide aid for qualified individuals and to maintain available funds by prudent fundraising and financial management.


The Foundation endeavors to maintain the trust and support of those in our industry.

The Foundation has given more than $10 Million in financial aid for medical care.

For more information about:

  • History
  • Charitable Status
  • Trustees
  • Sponsors and Corporate Pledges
  • Fundraising Events

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