We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors for their invaluable support, which makes Energy Trading Week Americas not just possible but exceptional. Our sponsors are industry leaders and innovators committed to advancing the field of energy trading. Their expertise and resources help us to offer a diverse and enriching program, featuring the latest trends, technologies, and best practices shaping the future of the energy markets.

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capSpire is a global consulting and solutions company that creates, customizes, and implements value-driving technology for commodity-focused organizations. Fueled by direct industry experience in commodities trading, risk management and analytics, they offer expertise in business process advisory, managed services and operations consulting.

Molecule is the modern and reliable ETRM/CTRM. Built in the cloud with an intuitive, easy-to-use experience at its core, Molecule is the alternative to the complex systems of the past. With near real-time reporting, 30-plus integrations, and headache-free implementations, Molecule gets your ETRM/CTRM out of your way - because you have more valuable things to do with your time.

Molecule provides next-generation P&L, and near real-time VaR and position reporting for companies that trade any kind of commodity. Molecule can be used for power, natural gas, crude oil, renewables, biofuels, liquids, metals, agricultural products, softs and FX futures/options. Find out more at MOLECULE.IO.

Founded in 2016, cQuant.io is an industry leader in analytic solutions for energy and commodity companies. Specializing in Total Portfolio Analysis, cQuant’s cloud-native SaaS platform simulates all risk factors, optimizes portfolio decisions, and includes dynamic reports and dashboards for better decision making. cQuant’s customers have greater insight into their financial forecasts and the drivers of value and risk in their business. 

cQuant is a team of senior quantitative model developers, experienced energy analysts, software developers and cloud infrastructure experts. Leveraging decades of energy experience, cQuant is committed to serving the present and future analytic landscape with the most accurate models and highest performance in the industry. The field of analytics is changing rapidly and cQuant is dedicated to offering the latest advantages to their customers. 
Digital commodity solutions by commodities experts. ClearDox® allows commodity-intensive businesses to secure a competitive advantage by digitizing and automating critical document-intensive processes. ClearDox provides the only intelligent automation platform created for commodity companies by commodity experts. By unlocking data across their business interactions embedded in hundreds of types of documents, our clients improve operational efficiencies and resiliency, while making smarter decisions.

ClearDox is unique in the space by offering turnkey solutions across agriculture, metals, renewables, oil, and gas, covering vital processes including trade confirmations and inventory/transportation management, along with invoice and letter of credit processing. At the core is a patented multi-faceted AI approach that intelligently extracts the appropriate data for processing and automates the reconciliation process.


enspired is a fully digital power trading-as-a-service company headquartered in Vienna. We drive the energy transition by enabling our clients to bring flexible assets to power spot markets and capture their full value with our augmented trading services. Our platform for augmented trading is the fastest on the market and utilize AI models to leverage vast amounts of data in real-time.

The enspired team consists of leading algorithmic traders, data scientists and technology enthusiasts who firmly believe that the way power is traded will soon change drastically – in our world, there is no room for trading screens and traditional optimization. We are actively trading on German and the UK power markets, supporting customers in several countries in Europe and plan to expand even further.


We set out to build the world’s most trusted consulting firm – creating lasting impact for clients and pioneering a positive, people-first way of working. We work with everyone from FTSE 100 names to bright new start-ups, in every sector.

You’ll find us collaborating shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, from the big picture right down to the detail: helping them define their strategy, deliver complex change, spot the right commercial opportunities, manage risk or bring their purpose and sustainability goals to life.
Our clients love how we get to know what makes their organisations tick – slotting seamlessly into their teams and being proudly geeky about solving their challenges.

As a Certified B Corporation®, we’ve proven that we’ve built social and environmental good into every bit of what we do.
Value Creed is a unique team of energy experts with deep expertise in every stage of the commodity value chain as well as CTRM platform ownership from process design & software selection through run/operate maturity. Specializing in both complex projects and day-to-day CTRM managed services, we support thousands of CTRM users/ energy market participants 24/7/365.

As an ISO 9001 certified company and member of Inc. 5000’s list of America’s fastest growing private companies, we adhere to the best quality management practices and you can rely on us to maintain our quality and stability in all advisory & CTRM services.

We are your partner as you contemplate business process improvement, platform implementations & upgrades, seek innovative ways to find solutions to complex problems, or look to take advantage of cloud hosting and CTRM automation solutions
value creed
emsys VPP is a pioneer in the development of Virtual Power Plants and ranks as a leading international provider. Our sophisticated technology is offered as a Software-as-a-Service solution and digitally connects decentralized power generators, storage facilities and controllable consumers via a common control room. It is used by numerous energy suppliers and aggregators to monitor, remotely control, and profitably market aggregated electricity production.
With its precise wind and solar power forecasts and comprehensive consulting services, energy & meteo systems is one of the major international providers of forward-looking services and IT products for the market and grid integration of renewable energies. Power traders, aggregators, grid operators as well as solar and wind farm operators on all continents rely on our digital solutions and sound expertise to manage the energy transition.‍
Beacon is a financial technology firm that provides everything quantitative developers need to rapidly build, test, deploy, and share trading and risk applications, analytics, and models. Developed by a team with unmatched financial markets experience, Beacon’s unified platform includes the apps, tools and infrastructure firms need to migrate their software and infrastructure to the cloud, manage risk across all asset classes, and focus on building innovative strategies that provide a competitive edge.
The DLA Piper Commodities practice is involved in many of the commodity projects currently undertaken worldwide. Given our 30 plus years of experience in every aspect of the commodity industry, the commodities team is quite successful and active in, commodities and commercial legal and regulatory work, from project development to international trade to finance to markets and trading to commodities and commercial assets, including but not limited to carbon assets, sustainable assets, and chemicals.‍
For more than a decade, Triarc Solutions has helped its customers conduct industry leading RightAngle implementations, upgrades, managed support, and process improvements in the sectors of Retail Fuel, Refined Products, Crude & Lease, NGLs, Agriculture and Metals. With customers ranging from the largest RightAngle client to the smallest, Triarc’s mission is to help customers love RightAngle again. As the only consulting and managed support services organization solely focused on RightAngle, Triarc’s offerings assist customers on all versions of RightAngle. Triarc exists to improve the lives of everyone in the RightAngle community through a commitment to continued innovation, business-specific expertise, and building relationships to better serve the industry for years to come.
triarc solutions
Gaiascope provides a unique solution to combat increasing congestion on renewable assets: real-time market hedges. With terms of up to 12 months, our hedge products mitigate the price impact of congestion and allow owners to focus on what's most important: development and operations. As a large trader in ERCOT, Gaiascope understands the wholesale market and offers a strong counterparty to offload your congestion risk. We utilize best-in-class trading and a strong balance sheet to manage our exposure. Transparent and value driven, Gaiascope is committed to improving sustainable energy economics
Veritas was founded in 2011 as a consulting company focused on the energy industry with one goal in mind: Drive positive change and deliver business value.In order to create impact, we approach problems from a unique perspective. We believe that our combination of deep energy industry knowledge, proprietary approaches, and unparalleled program delivery skills are the keys to creating true impact for our clients. Learn more at www.veritasts.com.
Essentia is a leading commodity trading consulting firm committed to delivering comprehensive solutions to our clients’ complex marketing, trading, and risk management operations. Across energy, base and precious metals, dairy, and regulated and voluntary carbon markets, our track record of delivering quality outcomes for our customers has made our team a trusted advisor to clients ranging from the high growth emerging to the Fortune 500.
At S&P Global Commodity Insights, our complete view of global energy and commodities markets enables our customers to make decisions with conviction and create long-term, sustainable value. We provide respected benchmarks, perspectives and solutions for commodity and energy markets, helping customers zoom in on the near term and zoom out for the big picture. By enabling decisions that create sustainable value, we help accelerate progress in the world.

S&P Global Commodity Insights is a division of S&P Global (NYSE: SPGI). For more than 100 years, we’ve been a trusted connector that brings together thought leaders, market participants, governments, and regulators to co-create solutions that lead to progress. Vital to navigating Energy Transition, S&P Global Commodity Insights’ coverage includes oil and gas, power, chemicals, metals, agriculture, and shipping.

The markets are constantly changing, but our real-time news, market reports, analysis, price assessments, and fundamental data always provide a valuable reference point. Each day we showcase a selection of our news, research, analysis, and video insight on the Market Insights section of our website.
Gain an edge in Trading Firm Efficiency, Compliance, and Risk Management with BroadPeak. Business users drive trade data management, transaction surveillance, regulatory reporting, and position limits. Benefit from certified connections for trades and orders directly from venues, brokers, and trading systems.
Ascend Analytics, a leading provider of energy transition analytics solutions, provides price forecasts, software and services that empower risk and portfolio managers and energy traders with the insights to successfully manage risk and take market positions. By integrating market fundamentals, including weather as the new fuel, and asset operations concurrently with market price dynamics, Ascend enables users to make portfolio management decisions that increase cash flow certainty, improve position analysis, and optimize hedge design across physical, financial, and REC portfolios. In addition, Ascend’s SmartBidder bid optimization platform generates node specific probabilistic forecasts for DA & RT energy and ancillary prices,DART spreads, and RT spike events, enabling energy traders to maximize value of virtuals and assets under management.
Orchestrade provides one integrated, cross-product platform to manage the full lifecycle of your physical and financial energy trading.

Energy producers and asset optimisers, utilities and traders are challenged by increased volatility, diminishing margins, inability to hedge and manage risk in real-time and demands for new products and ways of operating to support decarbonisation. Teams across the front, middle and back office are running up against hurdles in managing the full trade lifecycle effectively as trade volumes increase and high levels of automation are required to support business as usual.

These are the challenges that Orchestrade’s ETRM solution solves.

With Orchestrade our clients can embrace disruptive technology that can keep pace with their business requirements, delivering value to their customers and shareholders. Our clients can rapidly launch new products, including the most complex energy derivatives and structured products, whilst improving end-to-end STP processing and risk management. The Orchestrade solution is cloud based, event-driven, offering real-time calculations and a modern, open architecture to enable our clients to quickly evolve with market, business and technology needs.

Orchestrade delivers comprehensive energy product coverage and functionality out-of-the-box, covering physical and financial power and natural gas, renewable power purchase agreements and certificates (EUA, GoO, Energy Savings) as well as weather, coal, crude and refined products, and freight financial instruments, FX, interest rates and fixed income.
Publicis Sapient was born in the digital age, so we’re perfectly placed to modernize and optimize the way companies work, or to change their business model completely. Our work enriches the experience of people who engage with their brand in either a B2B or B2C capacity.
Energy and commodities trading is where we started out, and we’re still going strong. We’ve disrupted a traditional industry, bringing it into the digital age and offering more choice when it comes to E/CTRM. Our digital utilities team ensures that new or existing services are modernized in ways that enrich the life of the business or the end consumer, whether that’s more efficient business processes or smarter interfaces to warm the home.
publicis sapient
Salient helps organizations profit by using advanced long-range weather analytics. We deliver the most accurate, reliable, and actionable subseasonal-to-seasonal weather forecasts and analytics available to decision-makers.
Rystad Energy is a leading global independent research and business intelligence company dedicated to helping clients navigate the future of energy. By providing high-quality data and thought leadership, our international team empowers businesses, governments and organizations to make well-informed decisions.

Our extensive portfolio of products and solutions covers all aspects of global energy fundamentals, spanning every corner of the oil and gas industry, renewables, clean technologies, supply chain and power markets. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with an expansive global network, our data, analysis, consulting and education services provide clients a competitive edge in the market.
‘NatGasHub.com’ is a Multi-Pipeline Dashboard from where natural gas shippers can automatically submit all their noms to 100+ pipes! Nom one & done! Gas worth over $750 million per month is nominated by America’s largest gas shippers using our software. The software also provides pipeline tariffs, capacity releases, and flow data in one clean standardized format from all inter-state, intra-state, U.S. and Canadian pipes.

Our software streamlines the entire Gas Nominations process from start to finish. Automatically receive your scheduled quantities back from pipelines in digital format. Get critical notices and open space available on every pipeline in real-time without doing anything! Don’t waste time scraping gas flow data from each pipeline’s website. No manual data entry, No spreadsheets! Make everyday manual repetitive tasks easier. Save time to focus on revenue generation.
NFP is a leading property and casualty broker, benefits consultant, wealth manager, and retirement plan advisor that provides solutions enabling client success globally through employee expertise, investments in innovative technologies, and enduring relationships with highly rated insurers, vendors and financial institutions.
Created for an evolving market and bringing over 100 years of operational development and risk management experience from the energy and insurance industries, Navitas is built to know the market and focus the resources of the insurance industry to streamline capital and credit risk management.Launched in 2022, Navitas is by no means a “startup” organization. The people involved were the genesis of the alternative assurance markets and fostered an industry that has delivered billions in new liquidity to the energy markets. Our team’s broad experience in both energy and insurance, the team at Navitas has the expertise to partner with you at every level to intelligently, accurately, and quickly address your requirements.

Navitas is a managing general underwriter (MGU) that represents some of the strongest balance sheets in North America; Navitas acts as the leading conduit in between the energy markets, their broker partners and carrier partners.

Partnering with Navitas provides:
  • Customers with insight only available through experience to accurately underwrite and create value
  • Broker partners with unparalleled service, flexibility, and dedicated expertise to meet your clients needs
  • Carriers with expertise, and access to one of the fastest growing North American markets
  • Adopting a pro-active approach, Navitas is “flipping the script” for energy assurance
navitas assurance
Extensive Experience. Exceptional Client Service.

is unparalleled in our knowledge of the commodity markets, with a mature understanding of the rules and regulations governing cash and derivatives trading. We advise clients across the value chain regarding investigations, enforcements, and litigation. In addition, we represent companies in day to day transactional, regulatory and compliance, and advocacy and policy matters. We also represent clients in the soy, cotton, metals, and coffee markets, oil and gas producers and marketers, wholesale electricity producers, project developers and trading companies on a full range of commodity transactions.

We have experience and direct knowledge with the various agencies and exchanges overseeing the commodity markets, including:
  • US Commodity Futures Trading Commission
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • National Futures Association
  • CME Group
  • ICE Futures US
ETR Advisory provides expert advice, support and training in the application of regulations to the Energy, Commodities and Financial markets. Our detailed knowledge of the rules such as REMIT, MiFID II, EMIR, MAR, SFTR and the relevant parts of Brexit as well as the technology platforms and solutions around them permits us to help our clients navigate and implement the best solutions while being ready for the future. Since being founded in May 2013, ETR has advised over eighty market participants, software houses, trading platforms and repositories. We run the blog at www.energytradingregulation.com, which provides news and thoughts about regulatory developments in one place.
etr advisory


Commodity Data is complex and growing at unprecedented rates. It requires constant nurturing and attention.

Enverus solves the complexity of data, allowing you to focus on what generates profits for your organization. Confidently build your trading strategies on real-time, accurate commodity data from 500+ disparate sources, all in one platform, even on-the-go with mobile. A single source of truth, which fosters transparency from front to back office and provides you with the ability to measure, evaluate and prioritize your crucial financial and compliance trading risks.

Enverus Trading & Risk solutions are fully dedicated to the energy industry providing you and your team with the intelligent connections needed to confidently take action.
Fenics Market Data (“FMD”) is the exclusive distributor of data, including but not limited to, the flagship FMD packages for BGC Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:BGC) and its affiliates (“BGC Group Entities”), a leading global brokerage group of companies servicing the financial markets through many brands including, but not limited to: BGC, GFI, RP Martin, Amerex, Aurel BGC, Aurel, Sunrise, Remate, BGC Liquidez, Poten & Partners, Ginga and Perimeter Markets.
MetDesk specialises in providing comprehensive weather data and forecasting services tailored to the energy trading sector. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a team of experienced meteorologists, we deliver accurate, timely, and actionable insights to optimise energy trading, asset management, and operational decision-making. With the new to market MDai model and customisable solutions that sit within the ‘Trading Weather’ platform, traders can seize opportunities in dynamic markets with confidence. From intraday to seasonal forecasting, we cater to each client's unique needs. As the trusted partner to over 230 trading desks globally, we're committed to innovation and reliability, helping energy trading desks navigate weather-related challenges and gain strategic advantages.
Yes Energy provides the most comprehensive, robust, and high-quality power market data and analytics tools available, empowering companies to navigate highly complex and dynamic power markets to maximize their bottom line.
As the volume of data continues to rapidly expand, mining the data for actionable insight can be challenging. We put that data into the hands of our customers, enabling you to gain powerful insights, and ultimately make profitable decisions for your business.
yes energy
Atmospheric (adjective) – relating to the atmosphere of the earth or another planet.
G2 (noun) – In depth information about any person or thing; An intelligence report.
AG2 was founded to accelerate innovations in global weather and environmental insights for risk management. AG2 Trader (formerly WSI Trader) is the world’s leading weather decision support platform for energy trading. We intend to accelerate investment to continue delivering unique, market-leading insights to customers around the world.
atmospheric g2


OpenGamma is a derivatives analytics firm with expertise in over-the-counter and exchange-traded derivatives margin methodologies, backed by CME, JSCC, Accel and Dawn. They are trusted by the world’s large and most sophisticated global banks, trading firms and fund managers, with thousands of users depending on its analytics.
Making informed decisions in a dynamic market environment is crucial. For commodity and energy traders, that means having a clear picture of the weather's impact. Climavision empowers you with the most advanced weather forecast data available. Our AI-powered models go beyond traditional forecasts, providing real-time insights to seasonal and sub-seasonal trends. This comprehensive picture equips you to anticipate weather events affecting crop yields, transportation routes, energy production and demand. Make informed decisions, mitigate risk, and capitalize on new opportunities with Climavision's weather intelligence.

charity partner

The Carl McCain Memorial Foundation’s mission is to relieve oil and gas industry colleagues facing medical expenses beyond their ability to pay.  No one in our business should have to choose between paying medical bills and providing for their family’s basic needs.  Insurance prices rise steeply each year, and together with skyrocketing medical costs create a huge drain on the resources of many of our co-workers. Medical expenses can devastate a family’s finances, and even delay treatment and recovery.  Our mission is to help with the financial burden of medical expenses allowing individuals and families in our industry to focus their energy on facing their medical challenges.

future leaders initiative

The Commodities Trading Club was founded by graduate students from Northeastern University. The club strives to create a learning platform for students interested in the physical commodities trading industry — covering energy, metals, and agricultural commodities.

Members study and write articles on topics like commodity fundamentals, supply and demand dynamics, pricing and hedging, commodity trade finance, recent events, and sustainability practices.

Looking ahead, the club eagerly welcomes professionals from the commodities trading industry as guest speakers, allowing students to gain valuable insights from their experiences.
Bayou Capital Group, the University of Houston’s undergraduate investment fund, strives to create an environment of experiential learning, mentorship, and professional development through stock pitching – driving exceptional professional outcomes at Bauer. Members get the chance to gain hands-on experience by researching companies, creating an investment thesis and developing financial models. Our club focuses on development to help each of our members grow their passion for finance.

association partners

Headquartered in Switzerland, Commodity Trading Club is the world's largest community of professionals in commodity trading, shipping, and finance, spanning the entire globe. We provide a broad spectrum of benefits, including exclusive business networking events and a cutting-edge commodity trading platform, fostering members' career and business growth.
The International Trade and Forfaiting Association (ITFA) is the worldwide trade association for companies, financial institutions and intermediaries engaged in trade and the origination, structuring, risk mitigation and distribution of trade debt. ITFA also represents the wider trade finance syndication and secondary market for trade assets. ITFA prides itself in being the voice of the secondary market for trade finance, whilst also focusing on matters that are relevant to the whole trade finance spectrum.
BIMCO, the practical voice of shipping, is the world’s largest international shipping association, with around 2,000 members in more than 130 countries, representing over 60% of the world’s tonnage. Our global membership includes shipowners, operators, managers, brokers, and agents. BIMCO is a non-profit organisation.
The North American Energy Markets Association (NAEMA) is an independent, nonprofit trade association representing entities involved in the marketing of energy or in providing services to the energy industry.

Members work together to promote an informed, efficient and open energy marketplace throughout North America.

NAEMA membership includes over 140 members with energy trading operations in 48 states and numerous Canadian Provinces. NAEMA members own and operate over 500,000 megawatts of generating capacity and serve over 100 million electric and gas customers.
The VOLTA FOUNDATION is a non-profit dedicated to advancing the battery industry. An association of 50,000 battery professionals, the Foundation produces monthly events (BATTERY FORUMS), publications (BATTERY BITS), industry reports (BATTERY REPORT), and open communication channels (BATTERY STREET) to promote a vibrant battery ecosystem globally.
The Women’s Energy Network (WEN) is a global organization of professionals who work across the energy value chain. WEN’s vision is to be the premier global organization that educates, attracts, retains, and develops professionals working across the energy value chain. Our mission is to provide networking opportunities and foster the career and leadership development of women who work in the energy industries.

WEN Houston was founded in 1994 by Karyl White with the purpose of fostering the development and advancement of women in energy by developing a strong network. After years of being the sole woman on energy transactions, Karyl believed that many women energy professionals were in the same position, but unable to connect with each other.

More than 25 years later, WEN remains committed to providing high caliber events and networking to its diverse membership from across the energy value chain.

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