As our energy supply continues to transition from centralized fossil-fueled power plants to more distributed intermittent generation resources, best practices in risk management are evolving to keep pace. The prevalence of renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) has exposed a broader range of organizations than ever before to the extreme financial uncertainty of wholesale electricity markets; it's no longer just power generators and load serving entities that must grapple with these challenges.

This presentation will discuss:
• The challenges and risks that many organizations face as a result of the renewable energy transition
• The strategies for identifying and managing financial risk as well as tracking the net position of a variety of portfolio level attributes (e.g., cash flow, MWh, renewable energy certificates, CO2, etc.)
• The complexity involved in the renewable energy transition, how particular organizations will be affected, and what can be done to mitigate uncertain.

Brock Mosovsky
, Co-Founder and VP, Analytics,

August 26, 2022
10:45 — 11:15 (30′)

Friday 28th October